Battleground Pro Wrestling issues press release/matches


July 30th, 2011 at 8pm
American Legion Post #716
3252 Florista St.
Los Alamitos, CA

The dust is still settling from Lord of the Ring Warriors and this summer in BPW is just beginning to heat up! New champions were crowned and new contenders have just begun to surface as new feuds are causing the temperatures to simmer.

BPW Heavyweight Title
Mikey Callahan(c) vs. “The Russian Wolf” Alexis Darevko

Mikey Callahan, Extreme Loco, and Thunderkitty may have won last month’s 6 man mayhem tag match, but you wouldn’t know it after seeing Mikey beat up backstage in the locker room. During the celebration from Kitty’s triumphant pin over Sasha Darevko, the Brothers Darevko savagely attacked the heavyweight champ and left him nearly unconscious and needing the help of Extreme Loco to avoid further damage. The Russians made a statement, and following the Wolf’s challenge and Mikey’s acceptance of said challenge, this heavyweight barn burner will not be for the faint of heart. The biggest question is: Can the Irish Juggernaut overcome the underhanded tactics of this Russian brotherhood hell-bent on BPW dominance?

Tito Escondido(c) vs. Sasha Darevko

The new era of BPW was defined last week in the leaked footage of Sasha Darevko paying off Commissioner Dan E. Ramirez for title shots for himself and his brother Alexis. With the Stepfamily out of the way for good, it has become the wild west in the locker room with opportunities apparently available to the highest bidder. This is bound to anger Robby Phoenix, who surely believed he would have the first shot at Tito’s gold after his unexpected cheap shot on Tito last month. Tito is angry and confused as well as he surely wanted a piece of Robby following his shocking betrayal. Nevertheless, Tito will be going against the “Siberian Saint,” and judging by all the attention surrounding his Maximum Title, he better have his head on a swivel and be prepared for anything!


Last month’s number one contender matchup between Foob and Robby ended with no clear winner and no clear number one contender between the two of them. Despite this fact, Robby still took it upon himself to try and circumvent the process and attack Tito, hoping to rile the new champ into accepting a match and avoiding another bout with Foob. Not to be swayed by the antics of Mr. Phoenix, the BPW brass has put together one more deciding match to determine if Robby truly is worthy to take on Tito. Seeing as Robby believes he still has not gotten the rematch he is due on his contract and in lieu of the fact that Sasha is getting an undeserved title shot by paying off the commish, Phoenix is out to show his ruthless side once more and finally claim the title shot he feels he was due all along.

Grudge match
Extreme Loco vs. Tank Alvarado

Ever since Loco won Tank’s slam challenge a couple months back these two behemoths have been at each others throats. The 6 man tag last month only served to stoke the flames of hatred between them and the BPW Commissioner has decided that it’s time for Loco and Tank to settle their differences one on one in the squared circle! Fireworks are bound to explode as two of the biggest, strongest, and toughest S.O.B.s in Battleground are set to ignite Legion Post #716 and leave each other Red, White, and Bruised!

***Also featuring***

Lucha Machine’s very first Ring Warrior title defense!


Seville Alvarez, Chris Kaddilak, The Fugitives, Pinky, The Black Knights, Brandon P.Net, “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger, and more

Can Mikey and Tito answer the challenge and thwart the Red Scare of the Brothers Darevko? Will Robby Phoenix finally lay claim to the number one contendership? Will there even be anything left of the Legion Hall in the wake of Tank and Loco and the path of destruction they are sure to leave behind? Celebrate your independence as well as independent wrestling and do not miss BPW’s Red, White, and Bruised!

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