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Bobby Lashley wins Shark Fights Heavyweight Championship

On November 11th 2011, Veterans Day, Shark Fights, an MMA Company out of Texas held its latest event Shark Fights 21 with the Main Event Bobby Lashley facing Karl Knothe in Lubbock Texas for the Shark Fight Heavyweight Championship. Former WWE, TNA, and US Army Veteran claimed the heavyweight title, previously held and vacated by Darill Schoonover…

Junior Dos Santos upsets Cain Velasquez Saturday to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship


UFC debuted Saturday Night on Fox in a special 1 hour show. After 40 minutes of hype for the Cain Velasquez Vs Junior Dos Santos fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, the match ended only after 64 seconds. Junior was able to drop Cain by tagging him behind the ear with a right hook and…

Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE!!!


Picture Courtesy of According to Former UFC Heavyweight Champion & Current UFC Fighter and Former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar will be returning to WWE, Sort of….. After 7 years Brock signed a deal to be a featured star in a brand new Video Game. Multiple sources have confimred that the developers of WWE:…

Bobby Lashley’s return to MMA!


According to sources, Former TNA and WWE Wrestler Bobby Lashley (6-1) will be returning to MMA on Novemeber 11th 2011 to face Darrill Schoonover for the Shark Fight Heavyweight Championship at the Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock Texas.

Kurt Angle Responds about Dana Whites Comments!


After Dana’s comments were posted Kurt Angle responded today on his Twitter Account (!/anglefoods1) He is quoted as saying “I wish the Some Media stop the untrue Press between Dana White and Myself.Yes, Dana and I Met twice. But We never discussed a Ppv with Kimbo, What was talked about between Dana and I are…

Triple H says MMA needs to Evolve

Triple H

In a recent Interview WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, was asked if he felt if Pro wrestling and WWE needs to evolve like UFC has and MMA. The Cerebral Assassin stated: “I don’t think we have to evolve. It’s two totally different things. I think now especially there’s this thing like, “oh it’s very similar.”…


lesnar is reporting that current UFC fighter and former WWE champion Brock Lesnar.  Spoke out against the WWE and Vince Mcmahon.  To read highlights of the article click here  

Emelianenko Gone?

fedor is reporting The recent loss was the third straight for Emelianenko after an unbeaten stretch that spanned nearly a decade.  His loss to Henderson came at 4:12 of round one. Prior to that, he had lost to Antonio Silva via TKO and Fabricio Werdum by submission.  Have we not heard this talk of “retirement” before? …

UFC boss sheds light on Golden Glory

dana-white1 is reporting White pointed to an absence of Golden Glory fighters seen in the octagon since the towering Semmy Schilt.  Multiple sources have said the cut arose when Golden Glory attempted to hustle a better contract from Zuffa for Alister Overeem, who was due to serve the final fight of his Strikeforce contract in…

Suga Rashad doesn’t buy Tito’s rants

evans-live is reporting that Despite an impressing showing at UFC 132.  The “SUGA” gives detailed plans to derail the Ortiz hype train.  To view the full article click HERE

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