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70 protesters were arrested as City of New York try to clean the park they have been living in.


As reported by Associated Press and Yahoo News NEW YORK (AP) — Police arrested 70 protesters at New York’s Zuccotti Park early Tuesday, including some who chained themselves together, while clearing the park so that sanitation crews could clean it. Concerns about health and safety issues at Occupy Wall Street camps around the country have…

Soft nanny state?


  We know that Michelle Obama has made it her issue to fight childhood obesity. As a general rule, it is important that people know the risks associated with being overweight but who should force you to order a side of fruit and vegetables? Should it come from an outside source or come from you?…

What recovery?


DNC chair/Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz says that the Recovery Act signed under President Obama was a success and helped get America out of the economic troubles in 2008. She either doesn’t get it or is lying. I am not sure which is worse coming from an elected official. We have to first understand that many…

Is Obama dumb according to Rick Perry?


Imagine the outrage from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC is there was an article from the Politico which had that as the title. Most assume that Barack Obama is smart because of his educational background but that can easily be attributed to the media and politicians propping up the value of a college education….

Who can it be now?


With the 2012 presidential election a year a two months away, it seems that many in the media think that the GOP needs to make up their minds as to who should be their nominee. Among the 16 already declared candidates (with two dropping out) the field might seem to be wide open, but it…

55% Approve that Obama is doing a bad job

Gallup Tracker

President Barack Obama’s Presidential approval rating is at 38% feel that he is doing a good job with 55% saying he is going a bad job. I agree with the 55% that believe he is doing a good job at being bad. What has he done during his presidency? He’s increased the deficit and debt…

A way to reverse a $14 trillion dollar debt?

Broken Piggy Bank

With nearly $14 trillion dollars in debt, this President is on track to break President George W. Bush’s spending record in nearly half his time. The historic election results from the 2010 midterms showed that people think spending is out of control, yet many modern liberals believe the stimulus wasn’t enough, and that more government…

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