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Pre Sale Password for Worcester Ma inside…..


Pre Sale tickets are on sale starting today for the January 20th show at the DCU Center Exhibition Hall in Worcester, MA… Use the code IMPACT for the presale…. as reported by:

TNA Cancels South America Tour


The TNA South American Tour has been officially cancelled. Monday’s Buenos Aires show was cancelled earlier this week and now the Santiago and Chile show have been cancelled as well…. TNA claims that the event organizers did not fulfill thier contractual obligations, and TNA has told fans who have purchased tickets to apply for refunds…

TNA’s Bob Ryder has a Tumor…..


TNA’s Bob Ryder posted on his Twitter earlier today in regards to people saying something is wrong with him…”For those who have heard something’s wrong with me, want to give a quick update. Doctors found atumor on my spine and surgery is Thursday. It’s not news anybody wants, but it’s something that has to be dealt with and that’s what will start with the surgery. Fingers are crossed. The support I received from friends, family, and…

TNA Turning Point Results


Last night, Sunday November 13th 2011 live on Pay-Per-View in Orlando Florida, TNA held its PPV Turning Point. Turning Point’s opening match was for the TNA TV Championship putting the current champion Eric Young Vs Robbie E – Robbie E was able to pull the upset and become the New TNA TV Champion. The next…

TNA to air preshow on Facebook


Tonights TNA Turning Point PPV live from Orlando Florida will air its pre-show at 7:30 pm Eastern time (6:30 pm central) on faceback at No matches are advertised for the pre-show at this time

Jeff Hardy’s Probation


                Jeff Hardy has recently revealed the he is only allowed to leave his home after 6:00 pm to go to work. When Hardy isn’t booked he is not allowed out of his home past the 6 pm curfew. He is also not allowed to have any visitors…

Bobby Lashley wins Shark Fights Heavyweight Championship

On November 11th 2011, Veterans Day, Shark Fights, an MMA Company out of Texas held its latest event Shark Fights 21 with the Main Event Bobby Lashley facing Karl Knothe in Lubbock Texas for the Shark Fight Heavyweight Championship. Former WWE, TNA, and US Army Veteran claimed the heavyweight title, previously held and vacated by Darill Schoonover…

John Morrison to TNA?


WWE’s upcoming tour of Japan is no longer advertising John Morrison on November 30th and December 1st in Yokohama, instead Kevin Nash is now being advertised. Also John isnt being advertised for anything after November 28th in South Carolina according to Before it was pulled last week, Morrison was advertised for the Raw in…

Devon Dudley speaks on his TNA Contract, possible WWE return and more!!


Devon Dudley recently appeared on Hit The Ropes with Shane Howard, Daris Brown and Demtrus Stokes and below are a few highlights from his interview. When he was asked about his current contract with TNA and a possible WWE return Devon said the following ”The contract is still valid up until August; this coming August of next year. The…

AJ Styles speaks on Hogan’s storyline for him, TNA Loyalty and more!!!


Below are a few highlights when AJ Styles recently spoke about Hogans gimmick for him when Hogan first arrived in TNA, His loyalty to the company and more. When asked about Hogan’s idea to make Styles a “Ric Flair Jr.” character he had this to say  ”If you want to see my take my hair and dye it all blonde,…

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