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AJ Styles speaks on Hogan’s storyline for him, TNA Loyalty and more!!!


Below are a few highlights when AJ Styles recently spoke about Hogans gimmick for him when Hogan first arrived in TNA, His loyalty to the company and more. When asked about Hogan’s idea to make Styles a “Ric Flair Jr.” character he had this to say  ”If you want to see my take my hair and dye it all blonde,…

Shane Douglas states “Ric Flair exposed himself to children”

Shane Douglas

As reported by Rajah.com: Shane Douglas appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday and Wednesday on Sirius 92 and XM 207 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows: Douglas on TNA Hardcore Justice: “They invited me, and offered such a ridiculously low sum of money, that I said “shove…

Ric Flair postpones Surgery


Ric Flair recently had an interview with the Charleston Post and Courier, during the interview he spoke about the surgery he is suppose to have on his torn triceps. Flair stated “It’s postponed right now, but I may not even have to have it, The doctor looked at it and said the thing was healing itself…”…

Mick Foley’s Hurricane Assist Comedy Show


Earlier today the following was a press release issued talking about Shane Helms on Wednesday October 5th at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina to help raise money to pay his medical bills. “Don’t miss out on Mick Foley’s Hurricane Assist Comedy show. The show is a Fundraiser for a great cause. And with the purchase of…

Several Stars named to be in attendance at the Oct 5th Gregory Helms Benefit!


As some of you may know that on October 5th in Charlotte North Carolina at the Comedy Zone there will be a benefit to help Gregory Helms with his medical bills from the motorcycle accident he had a couple of months ago. WWE Stars Edge and Mick Foley have been announced as appearing already and…

Buy one of Ric Flair’s robe for $20,000


Ric Flair’s official website is currently selling some of his ring robes for $20,000. The description reads like this: “Custom made (not a replica) original professional wrestling robe Certified to have been worn at least once by the Nature Boy® himself. Very Limited Supply. Available when available. *Robe pictured is for marketing purposes only. Actual…

Ric Flair Surgery News

Ric Flair

TNA Superstar Ric Flair will have surgery to fix a torn left triceps muscle. That he had when wrestled Sting on Impact Wrestling that was met with a lot of criticism. Flair was originally diagnosed with a broken bursa sac in his elbow, but days after the match it was getting worse. Flair had stated in an interview, “I thought it was…

Ric Flair in another Lawsuit


As reported by sescoops.com: Ric Flair is suing the website who wrote a scathing exposé story earlier this week about the personal and financial hardships he’s put himself and his family through over the past 20 years. Despite the fact that most of the article’s facts were pulled straight from court documents the countless lawsuits…

$495 For Ric Flair phone call??


Along with autographed books, photos, posters, T-shirts and video releases, the legendary grappler is selling five minute phone calls and live video chats for $495 and $750, respectively. He is also selling custom-made replicas of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for $4,550. – Ric Flair has launched an online memorabilia store CLICK HERE

Jay Lethal to WWE ?!?!


In a article posted by rajah.com Jay Lethal Stated in the possibility of joining WWE. On the possibility of joining WWE: “I would say yes, Only because I can honestly say that anyone that is a pro wrestler in my generation you became a pro wrestler because of one reason and one reason only and…

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