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Carlito wants to return to WWE or Debut at TNA!


Carlito has indicated on his twitter that he would be interested in joining WWE or TNA. He is currently signed to Unemployed Wrestling League, and stated the following on his Twitter. “For those who keep asking..I would love to go back to WWE but I just signed a long term deal with UWL. For info on UWL…

RVD wants to return to WWE?


Power Slam Magazine’s Official Twitter stated Thursday that TNA wrestler RVD is considering joining WWE. Magazine Editor Findlay Martin wrote “Someone told me this week that Rob Van Dam is seriously considering a return to WWE,”  More Information to come As Reported by: www.TNAWrestlingNews.com

Matt Hardy Kicked out of Rehab & Arrested!!!!


Friday evening former WWE & TNA Wrestling Star Matt Hard was kicked out of Court-ordered rehab for failing a breathalyzer test. Sources say that thestaff at the rehab got suspicious of Hardy’s behavior on Friday and gave him a breathalyzer on the the spot, which he failed. Also according to sources Hardy was adamant he…

TNA’s Bob Ryder has a Tumor…..


TNA’s Bob Ryder posted on his Twitter earlier today in regards to people saying something is wrong with him…”For those who have heard something’s wrong with me, want to give a quick update. Doctors found atumor on my spine and surgery is Thursday. It’s not news anybody wants, but it’s something that has to be dealt with and that’s what will start with the surgery. Fingers are crossed. The support I received from friends, family, and…

Hollywood Hulk Hogan returns???


Hulk Hogan has been teasing on his twitter about the return of Hollywood….. He wrote on his wall “Hey yo, I think TNA needs Hollywood to help Sting straighten out the mess that Impact Wrestling is in. 2sweet. HollywoodHH.” A few hours later he responded to all the negative responses he recieved on his Hollywood…

WWE and Twitter


It has been reported that WWE will start using twitter and other social media oulets for its story lines. WWE recently on the Raw Supershow started making Twitter references, but their is more to come. WWE has leaked that their is some sort of business relationship with Twitter. It has been reported that they will start adding more Twitter…

Hogan responds to AJ Styles


After AJ Styles commented on His Twitter account saying ”Frustration setting in when your own guys bury the company that u have worked so hard for…….. Brother!” Hogan has gone on his Twitter accont and stated “just waiting for somebody to figure it out and do Today Show,Fox and Friends ,Leno,radio,tv,ect,instead of the same 5star Matches over and over again. Brother….

Kurt Angle Responds about Dana Whites Comments!


After Dana’s comments were posted Kurt Angle responded today on his Twitter Account (http://twitter.com/#!/anglefoods1) He is quoted as saying “I wish the Some Media stop the untrue Press between Dana White and Myself.Yes, Dana and I Met twice. But We never discussed a Ppv with Kimbo, What was talked about between Dana and I are…

Update on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin DVD


WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wrote the following on Twitter on Monday regarding his new WWE DVD: “WWE film crew to come down to the Broken Skull Ranch in a few days. Filming last SCSA DVD. Please send your questions to my twitter acct. “ “Also send any suggestions on matches you…

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