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UFC sues the State of New York


Tuesday, Nov 15th 2011, The UFC’s parent company Zuffa has sued New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. MMA has been illegal in the state of New York since 1997 and the UFC is sueing in hopes to overturn the ban. UFC Champions Frankie Edgar and Jon Jones are among the…

Junior Dos Santos upsets Cain Velasquez Saturday to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship


UFC debuted Saturday Night on Fox in a special 1 hour show. After 40 minutes of hype for the Cain Velasquez Vs Junior Dos Santos fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, the match ended only after 64 seconds. Junior was able to drop Cain by tagging him behind the ear with a right hook and…

Allistair Overeem wants to ship Brock Lesner back to WWE


As reported by Pwpix.net MMA Fighting caught up with Alistair Overeem on Friday after he met his UFC 141 opponent, Brock Lesnar, for the first time. Overeem talked about the press conference with Lesnar, the scene, his move to Vegas, his UFC on FOX pick and the Golden Glory lawsuit. To read more, and watch…

Shelly Martinez and Bautista Make up

Shelly Martinez

As Reported by Rajah.com – Shelly Martinez (a/k/a Ariel) stated on Twitter that she received closure with Batista, who she met for the first time since her departure from WWE over four years ago Monday night at the film premiere for Immortals (held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE. in Los Angeles, California). She tweeted the…

Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE!!!


Picture Courtesy of TMZ.com According to TMZ.com Former UFC Heavyweight Champion & Current UFC Fighter and Former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar will be returning to WWE, Sort of….. After 7 years Brock signed a deal to be a featured star in a brand new Video Game. Multiple sources have confimred that the developers of WWE:…

Kurt Angle Responds about Dana Whites Comments!


After Dana’s comments were posted Kurt Angle responded today on his Twitter Account (http://twitter.com/#!/anglefoods1) He is quoted as saying “I wish the Some Media stop the untrue Press between Dana White and Myself.Yes, Dana and I Met twice. But We never discussed a Ppv with Kimbo, What was talked about between Dana and I are…

Dana White Responds to Kurt Angle’s UFC Fight Offer!


Dana White recently spoke about Kurt Angle’s claims that he was offered a UFC Fight against Kimbo Slice. When asked about Kurt Angle wanting to join the UFC, Dana was quoted as saying “I like Kurt Angle. He’s a nice guy. I’ve never had any problems with Kurt Angle. Good guy. Kurt Angle was calling me to fight in the…

UFC Answers Back To Triple H


UFC had a press conference for the upcoming UFC 135 on pay-per-view. At one point during the interview, the comments made by Triple H were brought up. In which he stated, UFC needs to adapt in order to keep with the WWE. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones stated that Hunter’s comments where, “Ridiculous.” Then…

Triple H says MMA needs to Evolve

Triple H

In a recent Interview WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, was asked if he felt if Pro wrestling and WWE needs to evolve like UFC has and MMA. The Cerebral Assassin stated: “I don’t think we have to evolve. It’s two totally different things. I think now especially there’s this thing like, “oh it’s very similar.”…



  wrestlinginc.com is reporting that current UFC fighter and former WWE champion Brock Lesnar.  Spoke out against the WWE and Vince Mcmahon.  To read highlights of the article click here  

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