Wrestlemania 35 is just over a month away, and yet the card is not yet fully set. Even the WWE Championship match is not set in stone. However, if you study the product, there’s a good chance you’ll know most of the big matches are going to be along with the expected outcomes. Here are predictions for the main events.

Main Event

Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

WWE has booked a convoluted storyline here. They have done everything they can to get Charlotte into this match in a way that produces good heel heat rather than ill will towards the company. It is unknown why this couldn’t just be Becky vs. Ronda one on one. There seems to be this need to shoehorn Charlotte into all the Big Moments related to the women’s division. Their first main event at Wrestlemania is no exception.

Still, Becky is definitely taking this match. There would be riot if she didn’t.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

A match that’s been set in stone since the Royal Rumble, this one, in my opinion, was a foregone conclusion until Roman Reigns came back. With the Big Dawwwwwwg back after his battle with Leukemia, it’s not entirely certain that Rollins will do the obvious thing and unseat the beast. I’m still leaning towards Crossfit Jesus, but not by much.

WWE Championship Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

With the recent switch to Kevin Owens challenging for the title at Fastlane, it seems the Wrestlemania match is going in this direction. After years languishing in the New Day, Kofi’s career has seen a resurgence of late, doing an Iron Man run in a gauntlet match and being the last survivor against Daniel Bryan in the most recent Elimination Chamber match. Throughout all of this, he has been receiving tremendous audience reactions.

Being as how poor AJ Styles seems destined for a program with Randy Orton, it only makes sense that you give the Mania match to the WWE superstar with the most momentum.

That’s it for the Wrestlemania main events. We’ll see in one month if my Nostradamus-like predictions come to pass.